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for the creative, or the creatively lacking

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For the Creative, Or the Creatively Lacking

Layout by musesinspire with images/inspiration from:


Color by COLOURlovers
We're a community devoted to providing and acquiring layouts for both websites and Journals. We're looking for full layouts [graphics, codes the whole package], codes for layout or layout graphics. We're also now accepting mood themes as well.

The posts in this journal are friends-locked by default, so you need to join in order to see the layouts. To ensure I know you want to join, please leave a comment in the welcome post as well as joining up.

Only maintainers and designers will be given posting access and your first few posts as a designer will be moderated. For links to a request post, please see the 'Community Links' section below.

Our current layout was created by the ever talented
kazatomic and was chosen by the members of the community.
If you are found in violation of any of these rules, you will get one warning. After that warning, if you haven’t corrected the situation, or you violate any rule again, you will be banned. If you see anyone violating any of these rules, please E-mail me or one of the other moderators. Please include links.
For Layout Users:

  1. Give credit to the designers [optionally to nameless_layout as well]

  2. Do not share any layouts you use, please point people to either this community, or the make
  3. When taking a website layout, provide a domain name/url
  4. No flaming, period.
  5. All requests are to be made as comments to request post [see below]
  6. You must fill out the request form [shown in request thread post] as completely as possible
  7. You must wait three months between requests for the same journal/website
  8. No hot linking. Please upload all images to your own server.
  9. Unless the designer specifically says otherwise, do not alter the layout graphics in any way.
For Layout Designers:
  1. Please use lj cuts for layout images.
  2. Though not mandatory, please place your name/credit information in your graphics/code.
  3. If a layout is exclusive to nameless_layout, please make that clear in the graphic/code.
  4. When posting, please use headers [see Community Links] and fill them out as completely as possible
  5. Please use as many tags provided as applicable.
  6. Please either link to a screen cap or a permanent layout set up [graphics only offering need a permanent link]
Community Links
Posting Form / FAQ

Complete Tags List
If you'd like to be an affiliate, please e-mail us. Be sure to put Community Affiliation in the subject line.
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Graphics Affiliates:

Link To Us:
Places of Interest
If you have any links you feel belong in this section, feel free to e-mail me with them.
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